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gods, nations, money, human rights, laws, justice.. are all human imagination.

luxuries tend to become necessities and create obligations.

people accumulated more things, which tied them down

foragers had less anxiety. no sense in worrying about a thing you can’t influence.

people invented gods, companies, nations to provide necessary social links

there is no justice in history

people usually follow the bad guys

pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

feel things as they are

don’t crave

no craving = no suffering

train the mind to experience reality as it is

america vespucci had the courage to say “I don’t know”

self fulfilling expectations

profits must be reinvested

to build trust -> pay your debts, protect property and freedoms

credit rating is far more important than natural resources -> switzerland vs afgh.

the most important economic resource is trust in the future

money brings happiness up to a point -> maybe 100k a year

wanna be rich -> invest

wanna be poor -> consume

happiness = reality vs expectations

happiness levels are set biochemically

stop craving, stop pursuing, live in the present

pursit -> misery

January 2, 2020