The Art of War

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forecast victory:


highly trained

talented generals

ceza ve ödülde kesinlik ve tutarlılık

who is in harmony with his team

warfare is deception

able to attack -> seem unable

using force -> seem inactive

are you near -> seem far

far -> seem near

stronger enemy? -> evade him

kızıyor mu -> irritate him

pretend to be weak -> they grow arrogant

is enemy united -> separate them

attack when enemy is not expecting

plan before the battle

wishing to fight -> count the cost

haste is stupid but long delays are not clever either

savaşı kısa kes

great object is victory -> not lengthy campaigns

the best is winning without fighting

if you can’t control your anger -> you lose

give obeyable orders

use right man in right place

  1. know when to fight and when not to fight

  2. know to handle both superior and inferior enemies

  3. everyone in team should share the goal

  4. be prepared and wait to take them unprepared

  5. general should be autonom in military decisions

know the enemy

know yourself

first eliminate the risk of defeat, than look for victory

to secure ourselves is in our hands -> but enemy provides the opportunity to be defeated

not only win, but win with ease

if you only see the obvious -> you win by diffuculty

if you look below the surface -> you win with ease

look under, ask why

don’t make your enemy desparate, leave an outlet

recklessness, cowardice, haste, fazla gurur, fazla merhamet -> defeat

Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

April 24, 2019