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Early work is often dismissed and misjudged as lame

inexperience is not the only reason people are too harsh on early versions of ambitious projects. They also do it to seem clever.

there is another more sinister reason people dismiss new ideas. If you try something ambitious, many of those around you will hope, consciously or unconsciously, that you’ll fail. They worry that if you try something ambitious and succeed, it will put you above them.

I wouldn’t claim that people in Silicon Valley overcome these impulses because they’re morally better. [1] The reason many hope you’ll succeed is that they hope to rise with you. With investors this incentive is particularly explicit. They want you to succeed because they hope you’ll make them rich in the process. But many other people you meet can hope to benefit in some way from your success. At the very least they’ll be able to say, when you’re famous, that they’ve known you since way back.

But even if Silicon Valley’s encouraging attitude is rooted in self-interest, it has over time actually grown into a sort of benevolence.

Your own skepticism is a force more powerful than other people’s skepticism. Some ways to overcome it are supportive friends, teachers, mentors, quick improvements, ignorance, discipline, slight overconfidence, considering it a sketch, view as a learning project

Don’t Pay for 95%

we are not using everything we buy all the time. We spend a lot of time an effort to save enough to buy something, and continuous effort to maintain it.

Renting looks expensive because we only see the short term price. We see the rental cost of 2 weeks, not the money, time, and energy not spent in other 50 weeks.

In short, don’t pay for the 95% you won’t use.



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May 29, 2020