Reverse interview

1 min read

What are the some common characteristics of people you like to work with?

How do you define success and measure performance?

What would you like to change about the company?

In your career, what gives you a sense of meaning and purpose ?

How responsive are people to emails/Slack over the weekends and after 6pm?

How do you prevent meetings from overwhelming an engineer’s schedule?

Can you walk me through your development process, from the idea to a ticket or task to code on production?

Think of the top performer in your team, what makes her so?

Who within the company do you find to be the most inspiring, and why?

What kind of feedback can I get during my first few months, and who will I be getting it from?

Did any of your senior engineers start out as junior engineers here?

How does this team plan projects and create deadline estimates?

What is your definition of success for this role?

Do you have any concerns about my application?

How do you test code?

How do you track bugs?

How do you integrate and deploy changes?

What’s the workflow from the planning to the finished task?

How is the work organized?

Who sets the priorities/schedule?

What does a code review look like here?

How do you track progress?

What kind of meetings happen every week?

How are differences of opinions resolved?

What would you change if you could?

What’s the promotion process? How are the requirements/expectations communicated?

What is the performance review process like?

Are there any Hackathons conducted internally?

May 29, 2020