The Big History, From Start To End

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The Beginning

Big Bang, 13.8 Billion Years ago

if you think of 13.6B years as a single year, then every second would be 431 years

humans appeared in the last minutes of the year, and a human life is just miliseconds

Milkyway 13.5B

Sun And Earth 4.5B, or 4500 million years ago

Single Cell Organisms 4.1B

First Multi Cellular Life 600 million years ago

First Fish 530M

First Insects 412M

First Reptiles 315M

First Dinosaurs 230M

First Mammals 210M

End Of Dinosaurs 65M

Last Common Ancestor Of Humans And Chimps 6M

First Humans 3M

First Stone Tools, Fire 2M

Early humans were survival experts Cooperation Is What Makes Us Different Language And Writing Enabled Us To Expand, Preserve, Build On Knowledge

Sapiens 200 000 Years

Cave Paintings 30 000 Years

End Of The Last Ice Age, Agriculture, First Temple 12 000 Years

Agriculture Creates Surplus Food -> Enables Specialization -> Creates Social Classes

Food Stock Needs Protection -> Villages -> Cities -> Kingdoms -> Empires -> Wars

First Cities 7500 BC

Copper 5000 BC

Ancient History

Wheel, Ancient Egypt, Sumerians 3500 BC

First Writing 3200 BC

Pyramids, Paper 3000 BC

First Chinese dynasty Xia 2070–1600 BC

Babylonian Hammurabi Code 1754 BC

Rome Founded 750 BC

Fall Of Western Rome 476

Fall Of Eastern Rome 1453

Gunpowder 904, China

Crusades 1096-1291

Black Plague 1300s

America Discovered 1492

The Renaissance 1300 – 1600


Telescope 1608

Tulip mania 1637

Steam Engine 1698


Mississippi Company 1720 France

US Founded 1796

French Revolution 1789

First vaccine, smallpox 1796




Dc Motor 1832

Darwin Published On The Origin Of Species 1859

Combustion Engine 1872

Telephone 1879

Ligtbulb 1879

Car 1886

Ac Motor 1887

Radio 1894



First Flight 03

The Theory Of Special Relativity 05

Ibm 11

Boeing 11

WW I 14-18

The Theory Of General Relativity 15



Bell Labs 25

Television 27

Edwin Hubble found Expansion Of Universe

Great Depression 29-33

Hewlett-Packard 1939

WW II 39-45

atomic bomb, start of Nuclear Era 45

Digital Computer ENIAC 43-44

the first commercial computer UNIVAC 46

Transistor 47

Jonas Salk and his team found Polio Vaccine 48-55

Cold War 47-91

Israel founded 48

Chinese Communist Revolution 49


Korean War 50–53

COBOL, Fortran

DNA double helix 53

Cuban Revolution 53-59

Vietnam War 55–75

Nasa 58

Integrated Circuit 1958

Rock and Roll




Pink Floyd

The Rolling Stones

a prototype of the modern computer, with a mouse and a graphical user interface 1964

Six-Day War 67

Berlin Wall 61-89

Cuban Missile Crisis 62

Martin Luther King Jr. makes “I Have a Dream” speech 63

Kennedy assassinated 63

The Birth of the Internet 65-95

Apollo 1 67

Intel 68

Multics 69


Dynamic Access Memory 70

Apollo 11, Humans On The Moon July 20, 69, At 20:17 Utc


1971 Floppy Disk

1973 Ethernet

1974-1977: A number of personal computers hit the market

Led Zeppelin




Hip Hop

Heavy Metal

Alternative Rock

72 C programming language, Apollo 17

73 First Cell Phone, Arab–Israeli War, Yom Kippur War, oil crisis

75 ALTAIR 8800, Microsoft

76 Apple, Apple I

Apple II 77

1978 VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program

79 WordStar, word processing

Camp David Accords 78

Iran Revolution 79

Latin American debt crisis (late 1970s, early 1980s) known as “lost decade”


Guns N’ Roses




Red Hot Chili Peppers


Iran-Iraq War 80-88


82: Commodore 64, 64 KB of RAM, $595, sold more than 22 million units

83: Apple’s Lisa is the first personal computer with a GUI

84: Macintosh, $2,500

1985, The first domain, AOL, C++


Tiananmen Square Protests 89


90: Hubble, Imdb, Python, Haskell, Gulf War

The Dissolution Of The Soviet Union, USSR 91

Bosnian War 92-95

93: Dolly cloned, Pentium processor, Mosaic Browser, EU founded

94: Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer

Rwandan Genocide 94

94 Yahoo, Amazon, PHP

96 Java, Ruby, JavaScript, PostgreSQL

97 Microsoft invests $150 million in Apple, Asian financial crisis

98 Google, Salesforce, Russian financial crisis, International Space Station Launched

99 Wifi


2001: Linkedin, C#, Wikipedia, 9/11, War in Afghanistan (2001–present)

2002: Euro, Spacex

2003: The first 64-bit processor, AMD’s Athlon 64, Safari, Tesla, Iraq War (2003-2011)

2004: Gmail,Fb, Scala, a tsunami from the Indian Ocean earthquake kills over 230,000

2005: Arduino, Reddit, Youtube

2006: Twitter, MacBook Pro, Wii, Goodreads

2007: iPhone, Kindle

2008: Financial Crisis, Macbook Air

2009: Windows 7, Github, Whatsapp, Somali Civil War (2009–present)


2010: Instagram, Go, Arab Spring (2010-12)

2011: Syrian Civil War (2011-)

2012: iPad, Facebook gains 1 billion users, Chrome, Raspberry Pi


2014: Libyan Civil War (2014–present)

2015: Rust, Yemeni Civil War (2015-), Windows 10, Apple Watch

2016: The first reprogrammable quantum computer was created, climate change awareness and the Paris Agreement

2017: Istanbul Nightclub Shooting, Trump, Rohingya refugee crisis


2019: The first-ever image of a supermassive black hole


Rohingya persecution

same-sex marriage becomes legal in many countries

increasing use of digital and mobile technologies

rises in populism including the UK voting to leave the EU


2020: Covid-19, George Floyd

The Future

life on earth will end, sun will die, all stars and even black holes will die

heat death, end of universe.

in the grand scheme of things, our lives are a brief glimpse of light

life is brief, enjoy it

May 29, 2020