Design Patterns

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Design Patterns are general reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems

They are not silver bullets


How to create an object

  1. Simple Factory -> getClass()

  2. Factory Method -> factory with sub classes, eg. getSubClass1(), getSubClass2()

  3. Abstract Factory, factory of factories -> group related factories

  4. Builder, burger -> addChilly(), addPickle()

  5. Prototype, clone -> doc.copy()

  6. Singleton


How components use each other

  1. Adapter

  2. Bridge, composition over inheritance, themes -> search engine

  3. Composite, polymorphism

  4. Decorator -> @staticmethod

  5. Facade, simple command for a complex operation -> go()

  6. Flyweight, share objects -> sharing docs

  7. Proxy


How components talk to each other

  1. Chain of Responsibility, bank, PayPal, bitcoin

  2. Command, remote control, waiter, transaction system, roll back

  3. Iterator -> python is all bout iteration

  4. Mediator, WhatsApp, bank transfer, client-server

  5. Memento, remember, editor, ctrl+z

  6. Observer, job alerts, stock alerts , email alerts

  7. Visitor, open/closed, car parts check, AST

  8. Strategy, sorting strategy

  9. State, editor state, bold, italic

  10. Template Method, ABC

for more -> An ultra-simplified explanation to design patterns

May 29, 2020