Human Flourishing

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how to have more human flourishing

flourishing as craft Social flourishing, includes friendship, business, and romance

Make a lot of mistakes Quick feedback improve and iterate

Bias for action leads to a lot of action, more action more mistakes

we don’t have time to make all the mistakes, the way is to learn from others mistakes and not repeating your mistakes

Thus make a lot of “new” mistakes

What’s left is novel mistakes

drug addiction, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, smart phones, instagram, twitter, fb, netflix, gaming, binge watching, shopping, buying unnecessary stuff

instant gratification, taking unnecessary deathly risks, Adultery

Not caring for your health Not caring for body and mind

Holding grudges Accumulating negative feelings carrying emotional baggage

Not saying no not speaking your mind not asserting your thoughts and feelings

debating with ignorant people debating with random people on the internet

over thinking Under planning Over planning Under thinking

Aristotle’s sweet spot golden mean

Wrath unnecessary excessive anger

sloth Believing you make no difference so doing nothing

Pride Snobbishness belittling people

Envy Be content with what you havw

lust Sex is not the answer to life’s questions

Gluttony do not fear hunger Eat only when you hungry

Greed graves have nothing in them you have nothing to lose

July 29, 2020