Make something people want

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People don’t buy products because of what those products do, they buy products because of what they imagine they can do with them.

people wanted to share photos, save ideas, write reviews, send messages, to be aware of the world

they still want them

only the means are changing

focus on the things that do not change

Not-so-shocking facts

• Almost everyone fears rejection

• People are not as satisfied as they could be

• Most people have a low/moderate self esteem.

• People want decisions that make them look good

• 2/3 of women and 1/3 of men dislike the way they look

• Almost everyone works to avoid pain

• People don’t have time to comparison shop

• When their mind is set on something, they want it now

• Almost everyone is afraid to grow old, fears death

People are both curious and afraid of new things. Thus a familiar thing in an original setting is interesting.

what people say and do are very different


People have archaic, subconscious, instinctive desires.

These desires are continually re-shaped by social, economical and technological forces.

Live in the future and look back

Sensation and perception are different things

Market = mass demand

Mass Desire can not be created, it can only be channeled and exploited.

Mass Desire is the wave we want to ride

People want what others want at surface levels

People want same things at the deepest level

Make something people want

Remove steps

Make it possible for more people Make it possible in more situations

Startup Outcome = Skill x Determination x Luck

Start small and grow like an onion


Solve a problem for few users who want a solution a lot

worthy problems are usually

  1. Hard
  2. Schleppy
  3. Unsexy
  4. Frequent
  5. Urgent

When you first solve a problem, you come up with something very complex, and most people stop there. If you keep living with the problem you arrive at very elegant and simple solutions Steve Jobs

Work or Play

What seems like work to other people that doesn’t seem like work to you?

Dont look for ideas, just work on things that you find genuinely interesting

do one thing, and do it well

No great company I know of started doing multiple things at once—they start with a lot of conviction about one thing, and see it all the way through.

You can do far fewer things than you think.

Show. Do not tell.


By the way, “product” includes all interactions a user has with the company.

very often the real reason is that the product just isn’t good enough.

January 8, 2020