On the Shortness of Life

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Life is not short but we waste it. It is long and sufficient if well invested. life extends when you manage it properly.

We are not willing to share our money, but careless and wasteful with our time. Since time is intangible, life’s most precious commodity is treated very cheap

A distracted mind can’t succesfully pursue any activity, since a distracted mind absorbs nothing deeply

Review the days of your life and you will notice very few have been left to you.

But the man who lives every day as his last, neither longs for, nor fears the next day.

Putting things off snatches the present by promising the future. Do not direct your hopes in distant future, do what you can with what you have, where you are.

Otherwise, you are arranging the future, which is in Fortune’s control, and abondoning what lies in yours, the present. The whole future is lies in incertainty, live immediately.

Feeble old man pray for a few more days, they claim they were fools because have not really lived and if they can recover, they would live peacefully. Then they reflect how pointlessly they acquired things they would never enjoy.

A good life is to have time for yourself and your loved ones, to be your master, to make time for philosophy, art, and beauty.

We have only one lifetime but ages of wisdom and enlightenment is here for us. Philosophers, writers, artists, architects, singers, the whole wisdom and beauty of the world is here to be explored and to expand your life beyond your time.

The past, present, and future. Of these, future is doubtful, present is short, past is certain.

Material gains come through great toil, and kept by great anxiety. Wisdom, virtue, courage, and beauty you experienced, nothing can take it from you. They are even outside the control of fortune.

Thus is life.

June 21, 2020