The surprising habits of original thinkers | Adam Grant

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Procrastinating is not always bad

Being quick to start slow to finish may increase more background processing and may lead to original ideas -> Warby Parker, Martin Luther King Jr. speech

Fear monster - sweet spot - instant gratification monkey

Being is the first-mover is not always an advantage. Improving is much easier than starting from scratch -> fb after myspace, google after yahoo

Taking something from 0 to 1 creates value, and so does taking it from 1 to 10

You need a lot of mistakes for a few good moves

Sheer volume of music produced is a good predictor for composer success -> Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, an exception is Wagner

Beatles also played much more than any other group of their time

Bill Gates spent more time with computers than almost anyone his age at the time

The more you do it, the better you get

A lot bad ideas for a few good ideas

Do not fear making mistakes, do not regret mistakes, you are growing a mistake at a time

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September 18, 2020