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what you do > what you say. Actions speak louder than words

Whatever you say or advice, children will disregard your words and pay attention to your actions.

Thus the way to raise honest, brave, kind, hardworking, loving children is to be like this yourself because they will look at what you do more than what you say

Children aren’t fragile, they should learn how to solve problems, how to manage things on their own

Ignorance isn’t stupidity

if you have a rule, explain the reason, life is much easier when they are convinced

wait a bit before buying something, because they don’t really want most things. having a 1 month rule is useful.

a way to teach responsibility is to take them seriously and treat them with respect. it makes them feel like grown-ups and they love it

let a child be angry, do not yell, remember that they are children and you are and adult

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May 30, 2020