The Pragmatic Programmer

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estimate -> “I will get back to you”

keep a log of your estimates

Don’t deceive yourself. And you are the easiest one to deceive


do not make promises

define requirements well from the start

under promise, over deliver

Do not set big expectations

Gently exceed people’s expectations

Pride of ownership

Know when to start, wait, and finish

Take frequent short breaks

Take notes. Summarize and update your notes

don’t rely heavily on anything

choose good tools and know them well


try to understand needs, interests, capabilities, fears, wishes of people

is it a good time to talk about?

respond to emails

keep people informed

ask questions, make a dialoge not monolog

plan what you want to say and refine it

know your audience, choose the time, listen

common sense and plain dealing


Don’t panic

Why is this a problem?

Is there an easier way?

What makes it hard to solve?

Does it have to be solved?

İf so, does it have to be done this way?

Can you cut the knot




How to explain to a 6 year old


Don’t panic

Sanity check

Ask why

Visualize data


Rubber ducking


Symptoms Vs root cause

December 30, 2017