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Questions to ask myself

How well did you love?

How fully did you live?

Do I actually like this? Do I actually believe this? What do I actually think?

is this what I really want?

what do I feel?

Do I really need this ?

How well do I know this?

does it worth my time?

does it worth my anger?

what am I willing to struggle for?

what is the simplest thing that can possibly work ?

What’s the practical use of this thought?

Would I treat a friend as I treat myself ?

Want to learn a new skill? Take some short breaks, early and often

Would you want your son to be like you?

would you want your daughter to marry a man like you?

what game are you playing ? money ? status ? peace ?

who is going to let me ? who is going to stop me ?

What can I do today, that would make tomorrow better?

What can I do right now, that would make the future better?

What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?

Trying to solve everyone’s problems?

Do you want to be happy or right?

what would you do if you could not fail?

if there is no money?

if you had infinite time?

if you weren’t afraid?

if all jobs paid the same?

is this opinion really mine?

is this passion original or just a mimicry?


what is the most important thing to do?

Is this the most important thing I should be working on?

is this the real problem?

is it a priority?

is it important?

is it urgent?

can I simplify it ?

can I eliminate it ?

can I delegate it?

May 29, 2020