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Selim Ozturk

Software Engineer

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  • Lifelong learner. Good at designing and building backend systems

  • Values critical thinking, integrity, collaboration, quality, and simplicity

  • Appreciates testing, automation, frequent iteration, and user feedback

  • Interested in tech, music, psychology, philosophy, cycling, mountaineering

  • Aims to be a good person and a world-class engineer


CONTEXT​, Founder, Backend Engineer

Istanbul, Sep 19 - Jun 20

  • Created a SaaS API for analytics of online products, leading a team of 3 developers

  • Set up the processes for product development cycle from concept to delivery and after

  • Coded batch and stream processors, web crawlers, backend services

Brief Analytics​, Co-Founder, Software Engineer

Istanbul, Oct 18 - Jul 19

  • Created a market research web app by training classification and regression models on data from automotive and yacht markets

Commencis​, ​ Backend Intern

Istanbul, Jul - Aug 18

  • Created the backend for a computer vision app with text, face, and object recognition

WesterOps​, ​Backend Developer

Istanbul, Feb - Jun 18

  • Developed services and APIs for web and mobile, using ​Django REST, Flask, AWS

SIEMENS​, ​ Full Stack Developer Intern

Munich, Jun - Sep 17

  • Created the web app of the data platform Eclipse Bridge IoT, with Java, Spring, Angular

Bogazici University Entrepreneurship Center​, ​Full Stack Developer, part-time

Istanbul, Oct 16 - Apr 17

  • Written web apps using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Angular

HEAVN​, ​Software Engineering Intern

Munich, Jun - Sep 16

  • Implemented the color and sensor algorithms of an IoT lighting product, using C


Bogazici University​, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ​BSc, English

Istanbul, Sep 14 - Dec 18

  • Courses in algorithms, natural language processing, machine learning, distributed systems

  • Active in student clubs for music, athletics, mountaineering, and underwater sports

  • Top 100 in the national math and science exams

  • Senior thesis: Lung disease recognition in X-rays using CNNs and random forests


  • Fluent in English and Turkish, intermediate in German

  • Advanced in Python, good at Go, JS/TS, C, SQL

  • Used Java, Kotlin, C++, played with Scala, Ruby, Rust, Clojure, Elixir, Haskell

Personal Projects

source code of projects


  1. a concurrent web server in 100 lines

  2. a Lisp interpreter from scratch

  3. a garbage collector in C

  4. an async web crawler in 100 lines

  5. a hash-map in C from scratch

  6. a simple search engine core in 200 lines

  7. Merlin​, a command line web search engine with music search and TL;DR features

  8. a blockchain in 100 lines

  9. Logos​, a UNIX-like hobby operating system kernel for 32-bit x86

Technical Skills and tools with working proficiency

  1. fundamentals of ​data structures, algorithms, operating systems, databases, networking, distributed systems, and machine learning

  2. Web​, HTML, CSS, JS, HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, WebRTC, WebSocket

  3. Security​, public-key cryptography, CORS, CSRF, XSS, CSP, cookie security

  4. API design​, REST, Swagger, RPC, protobuf, gRPC, GraphQL

  5. Data, ​PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, BigTable, ElasticSearch

  6. JS, ​Node.js, Express, React,, jQuery, Selenium

  7. Python, ​Django, DRF, Flask, Celery, FastAPI, networkx, asyncio, multiprocessing

  8. ML, NLP, deep learning, data science, ​numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, ​OpenCV, ​NLTK, Keras

  9. Cloud, DevOps, Monitoring, ​AWS​,​ GCP, UNIX shell, Linux, Docker, Sentry

  10. Design, ​SOLID, design patterns, OOP, functional programming concepts

  11. Architecture, ​client-server, event-driven, microservices, batch, stream, serverless

  12. Code Quality, ​Test-driven development, continuous integration and delivery, Git

May 29, 2020