Short take-aways

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The puzzle of motivation, Dan Pink

For cognitive tasks, reward hinders, carrots don’t work

Autonomy, mastery, purpose

Google 20% free time

Wikipedia -> not paid, do it because you like it



Comfort leads to complacency

Moderate levels of acute stress helps to grow



A dress rehearsal for unexpected things

Ask what could go wrong

Psycopath test

There are more than 300 mental disorders and tests for them

However a mental disorder is a grey spectrum


Bill gates warned against a global epidemic 5 years ago

Forecasting thing to a degree is possible when there is evidence and thought, like istanbul earthquake

Compulsive lying

Why lie ? Because it is easier than making something better in reality

When you accept yourself, when you accept your flaws, when you have courage to be vulnerable, the urge to lie will disappear



No need to feel like an impostor.

“If you feel exhausted, it’s not necessarily because there’s something wrong with you. Maybe you’re just running fast.”

Try instead to be patient, and flexible. Work hard. And above all, enjoy it.

stay curious, let your love of something pull you, but do not hastily give all of yourself and find there is nothing left to give. Don’t engage in the achievement rat race. Listen to praise from those you respect, but ignore it from those you don’t. Push back when society eggs you on. Focus on things that matter the most to you alone. Ignore fears of being an imposter — be authentic to yourself, that is enough. Keep your hands on the brakes. Enjoy your freedom of time and mind. 

Goals vs Systems

Set up systems, love the journey

Announcing your plans makes you less motivated to accomplish them

Web is equalizing

SaaS can create an alternative for app stores

No trade without war and no war without trade

Buy a notebook and pen, take notes


clean water, food, justice, education, healthcare, security, transport

Take deep breaths, exhale slowly..

How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner

September 18, 2020