How to spot a liar | Pamela Meyer

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A million million dollars lost due to corporate corruption

Lie is the gap between reality and dream

Average person tells 2 lies a day -> so let me tell 0, 100% truth

People tell more lies to strangers

man lie to woman more

man lie about themselves more

3 lies in a first meeting

2 parts of deception, speech and body language

Jests, mimics, fake smiles, too little or too much eye contact

An honest person will be cooperative, help you to seek out the truth, provide details, recommend strict punishment

Ask specific questions, go backward,

Liers may look down, lower voice, set up a barrier, pepper it with irrelevant details

what they tell and what they do are not consistent

Discrepancy, like telling a very sad story with unexpected calm

inconsistent words and gestures, saying yes and shaking head for no, shrugging shoulders

delight of getting away with it, duping delight,

Masked emotions leaks in a flash

When anger turns to contempt, it’s very hard to recover, look the other way, reconsider, and walk away

These are not proof of deception but when they come in clusters, this is your signal

Switch to the curiosity mode

Treat with dignity and have some rapport, don’t be aggressive, it doesn’t work

September 18, 2020