The Mom Test

1 min read

  1. Talk about their life instead of your idea

  2. Ask about specifics in the past, not about generics in the future

  3. Talk less and listen more


  • fishing for compliments
  • making it personal
  • being pitchy being too formal
  • being a bottleneck
  • collecting compliments instead of facts

a good user meeting


  • choose a focused segment
  • ask yourself: what do we want to learn from them?
  • list 3 big learning goals
  • create best guesses of what they care about


  • frame -> vision, who you are, where you are, what you are looking for, how they can help, ask for help
  • keep it casual
  • Deflect compliments
  • Anchor fluff, dig beneath opinions, ask specific questions
  • take good notes
  • finish with facts, commitments, or advancement


  • review notes as a team and adjust course

June 21, 2020