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be kind

What do executives do, anyway?

Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think

Maker Schedule vs Manager Schedule

I coached 101 CEOs, founders, VCs and other executives in 2019: These are the biggest takeaways - Leo Widrich

Growing One’s Consulting Business

Productivity - Sam Altman

What Happens When Your Career Becomes Your Whole Identity

How My Startup Got Acquired After 6 Months - Marker

I stood up to my boss, then he got promoted

Why Do Incompetent Managers Get Promoted? - Lance Ng - Medium

It just doesn’t matter - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)

RECONSIDER – Signal v. Noise

Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company

I quit the tech industry / fuzzy notepad


Stripe: Atlas Guides to Starting a Real Business

Habits of High-Functioning Teams -

Sequoia - Pricing Your Product

How to sell a B2B product by Calvin French-Owen

Ask HN: Learning the business-side of things as a developer? - Hacker News

Startup Playbook

A Cold Outreach Strategy That Actually Works

Founder to CEO (Matt’s Book for Startups) - Google Dokümanlar


Startup School

May 29, 2020